3 694 343
meters drilled with Omac drilling fluids

5 056 days
accidents free


Omac Integrated has experience in drilling vertical and horizontal, inclined and pumping wells with a depth of more than 5000 m and an inclination angle of more than 90 degrees in oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan and CIS countries.

Our mud engineers were trained in international standards and have experience in eliminating all types of complications.

For successful drilling of wells, the company uses systems in an environmentally safe and economical water basis: KCL/Polymer solution, Gypsum solution, Silicate solution, Salt solution based on sodium chloride. An Oil solution is also used.

The company has experience in the preparation of completion fluids for the overhaul of wells with a density of up to 1.68 g / cm3 based on calcium chloride and calcium carbonate.

As of today, more than 2,000 wells have been drilled.

– deposits successfully drilled using technologies and services Omac Integrated:

*Field locations on the map may not be geographically correct and are set for the visualization of Omac’s field experience.