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We offer our customers highly qualified drilling fluid engineers. All our engineers have undergone comprehensive training, have extensive experience in this specificity and are able to work in three languages. We use the experience of technical consultants from around the world to maximize the effective satisfaction of production needs and expectations. Today, our company employs more than 200 trained and experienced drilling fluid engineers.

Engineers have a higher education and at least graduated from the school for drilling muds Messina Incorporated. Many of them were also trained in the schools of other International Drilling Fluid Companies. Our engineers have a reach field experience, having been obtained by them for 15 years of work in the company Omac Integrated, and/or engineers who joined the company with experience in other international companies.

All engineers speak English and are confident PC users, they use the necessary software for reports, inventory and project analysis. The engineers will plan daily operations for solution processing, materials accounting, cleaning equipment, safety engineering, identification of hazardous materials, transport and local environmental requirements. The engineers will seek to reduce the total cost of the well, by constantly discussing the needs of the solution with the customer’s representative.

The work of Drilling Fluid Engineers includes:

Daily monitoring of the parameters of the solution, recommendations for the treatment of drilling mud, daily accounting of used chemistry and calculation of the cost of each interval;

Observation and assessment of transient processes, such as tank cleaning, substitution and cementation;

Providing reports on waste volumes and disposal for regulatory authorities;

Notify Drilling Supervisor of any problems with drilling fluid or cleaning equipment;

Provide advice on changing the solution system, if required;

Provide advice on cleaning equipment and mesh shakes;

Comply with all safety instructions and customer programs.