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The goal number one for Omac Integrated is our desire to demonstrate to the operator that everything connected with the solution can be controlled in the most efficient and economical way. This means that it is necessary to control not only the drilling mud, but also the cleaning solution equipment, and the sludge utilization.

All these three extremely important aspects of drilling fluids are closely interrelated. We are sure that if the responsibility for all three aspects is assigned to one company, then the operator can obtain savings, while reducing the risk of possible problems. Omac Integrated is able to provide a solution of all three problems, since we have already successfully provided equipment for cleaning and minimizing sludge in parallel with a full range of drilling mud services for a number of projects.

In order to provide quality equipment for cleaning and minimizing sludge lime, Omac Integrated has established close business relations with major world manufacturers of abatement purification equipment. Currently, on a lease basis, we supply the market with the shale shaker and centrifuges manufactured by Derrick Equipment, and sell the shale shakers screens produced by the company Brandt and Derrick.