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Omac Integrated is able to supply more than 3000 types of additives for all types of drilling fluids and completion fluids that are in demand in the oil and gas market.

From the very beginning, our company paid close attention to the protection of the environment, by avoiding the use of hazardous products and the use of new solution systems that are less polluting. In connection with the increasing attention of operators to environmental issues, which can sometimes limit the use of standard technologies, we have developed methods for solving these issues.

All the chemical products supplied by Omac Integrated are environmentally safe and in most cases are biodegradable.

Xanthan gum which conforms to API Spec 13A and ISO 13500
Welan gum
High-purity xanthan gum
High-quality, high viscosity Polyanionic cellulose polymer
High viscosity Polyanionic cellulose polymer which conforms to API Spec 13A and ISO 13500
High-quality, low viscosity Polyanionic cellulose polymer
High-temperature (up to 190 °C) synthetic polymer
High-temperature (up to 246 °C) and high-salinity synthetic polymer
Low viscosity modified starch which conforms to API Spec 13A and ISO 13500
Chrome free, tannin-based deflocculant
Chrome free, modified tannin-based deflocculant
Lignosulfonate-based deflocculant
Amine-based inhibitor of clays and shales
Polyglycol-based inhibitor of clays and shales
Powder partially hydrolized polyacrylamide, encapsulator, clay stabilizer
Liquid partially hydrolized polyacrylamide, encapsulator, clay stabilizer
Sulfonated sodium asphalt, shale stabilizer
Caustic soda
Citric Acid
Calcium hydroxide
Soda ash
Sodium Bicarbonate
Magnesium Oxide
Potassium hydroxide
Sodium dihydropyrophosphate
Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor
Silicone-based defoamer
Low toxic lubricant
Stuck freeing agent
Amine-based bactericide
Glutaraldehyde-based bactericide
Blend of anionic and amphoteric surfactants
Liquid oxygen scavenger based on ammonium bisulphite
Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor and oxygen scavenger
H2S Scavenger, Zinc Carbonate & Zinc Oxide
Acid soluble lost circulation material
High-solids lost circulation material
Mica, lost circulation material
Nut Plug, lost circulation material
Blended lost circulation material
Calcium Carbonate
Manganese tetraoxide
Sodium chloride
Pottasium chloride
Calcium chloride
Hydrated magnesium chloride

This list is incomplete and is provided for review