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is OMAC own mud reporting software

OmacPro® – is software for drilling fluid data collection, classification and analysis.

The program was developed to automate calculations of production processes during drilling, compiling daily reports on drilling fluids and their analysis, accounting chemical reagents and operating time of the solids control equipment.

OmacPro automatically calculates the cost of the well, compares the current and planned mud parameters.

All calculations are carried out in accordance with international standards.

What can OmacPro® do?

  • The company’s intellectual property taking into account the specifics and nuances of the oil and gas industry in the region;
  • Designed based on the rich experience of the company;
  • Continuous development and addition of new functions and calculations;
  • Optimization of processes during drilling;
  • Easy and quick implementation of innovative methods with full control of all aspects of drilling;
  • Providing full information on all active wells of the Customer in real time – Online;
  • The ability to add additional reports at the request of the Customer;
  • Conducting of calculations and reporting in the Si or API system;
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android;
  • Mobile PUSH notification;
  • Rapid notification of changes in the drilling process;
  • The ability to integrate with the measuring equipment of the GTI, connection to external servers and databases for monitoring selected data.
  • Support for data exchange in XML/JSON/XLS/WITSML format.

OmacPro Warehouse®
100% own development of Warehouse Management System with taking into account all the nuances of fluids service;

What is remarkable about OmacPro Warehouse®?

  • Offline, online and mixed work;
  • Full control and transparency of the movement materials;
  • Minimization of the human factor and random mistakes;
  • Decentralized data storage system;
  • Possibility to install logic on the customer’s server;
  • Ease of use and intuitive interface;
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities software package at the request of the customer;
  • Full integration with OmacPro in the fields;
  • Scalable and flexible analytics system;
  • Visualization of demand and turnover at wells/branches;
  • Optimization of interaction between departments involved in the turnover of goods and materials (purchasing department, sales department, logistics, accounting, management);

OmacPro® and OmacPro Warehouse® – own developments of Omac Integrated.

The era of mobile services

All information is in your pocket!

the formation of own center for collecting/processing information

Overview video of OmacPro®

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