Engineering services

Omac Integrated can offer Customers highly qualified Mud Engineers. The majority of these engineers are from Kazakhstan, but we also have available to our team consultants are from all over the world to suit operational needs and expectations. Today we are actively using almost 50 trained and experienced Mud Engineers.

The Engineers are University graduates and have attended at least the Messina Incorporated Basic Mud School sponsored by Omac Integrated, and many of them have also attended mud schools put on by other International Fluid Companies. Our Mud Engineers now have extensive field experience gained from the 7 years Omac Integrated has been operating, and/or coming to the company after having already worked for Multi-National Service Companies.

All Mud Engineers are proficient in the English language and handy with computers, using required software for reporting, inventory, and project analyses. The Engineers shall be pro-active in the day to day operations of mud treatment, material inventory, solids control equipment, safety, hazardous material identification, transportation and local environmental requirements. Mud Engineers will have the responsibility to reduce the overall well cost through constant discussions of drilling and completion fluid needs with the representatives of the Customers.

The basic duties of Drilling Fluids Engineers are:

  • Daily monitoring of the drilling fluids properties, recommendations for treatment of the drilling fluid, daily account of used mud materials and mud cost for drilling each interval of the well;
  • Monitor & evaluate transition processes such as pit cleaning, displacement and cementing operations;
  • Report discharge and disposal volumes required by the project and regulatory agencies;
  • Communicate with the Drilling Supervisor any problems or possible problems related to drilling, drilling fluids or solids control equipment;
  • Submitting recommendations for changes of the drilling fluids systems, if necessary;
  • Submitting recommendations for Solids Control Equipment and the shale shakers screens;
  • Be pro-active with contractor's safety policies and programs.