Solids Control and Waste Management Equipment

The number one goal of Omac Integrated is to demonstrate to the operator that everything related with Drilling Fluids can be controlled in the most cost effective and efficient way. This means not only managing Drilling Fluids, but also Solids Control and Waste Management.

All three of these extremely important aspects of a Drilling Fluid operation are interlinked. We believe that if all three are put under the responsibility of one company, that the operator can realize considerable cost savings while at the same time reducing problems they must deal with. In our efforts to place Omac Integrated as a ‘one-stop’ solution for all three of these problems, we are already successfully providing Solids Control and Waste Management Equipment along with full Drilling Fluid services on a number of operations.

In order to perform adequate Solids Control and Waste Management, Omac Integrated has formed close working relationships with major world recognized suppliers of such equipment. Presently, we are providing to the market rental shale shakers and centrifuges manufactured by Derrick Equipment Company and selling a range of shaker screens manufactured by both Brandt and Derrick.