The company moving to the new office

Dear Gents,
Due to the moving to the new office, we inform you about changing of our actual address.
The new office is located at:
The Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Sankibay Batyr Ave., 173/1, BC "Progress", "Omas Integrated" LLP, 5th floor, build No.504-512, tel. 8 (7132) 704785,704786,704787, fax 8 (7132) 704788.

18 september 2015

    "OMAС-Integrаted" LLP took part in quality of the Silver sponsor on the  1st Kazakh Drilling Roundtable, which took place in Astana on September 17, 2015.

1 august 2015

The results of year of collaboration with JSC «Rosneft» are summed up.
For this period more than 50 wells on fields of JSC «Rosneft» were drilled on which efficiency of the used technologies and products, including the introduced HydPro and SurgeMod software products were confirmed.


20 July 2015

Introduction of nanotechnologies:
OMAC-Integrated LLP together with CHEMIX SOLUTION company introduced innovative highly effective system of drilling OMAC HIP SYSTEM solution which purpose is improvement of structural mechanical and colloid chemical properties of the drilling solution allowing to carry out drilling of wells without accidents and complications in productive cuts

10 July 2015

    The letter of thanks is received from Akim of Aktobe for active participation in preparation of the 70th  anniversary of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

15 march 2015

In March, 2015 in Aktobe Omaс Integrated company conducted qualification upgrading courses of the  customer's personnel  - "Mud School".


7 november 2014

Drilling 1000th of wells with using  technologies and services of OMAC Integrated is completed.
During this time more than 2 000 000 meters on more than 130 fields of Kazakhstan the near and far abroad were drilled.

15 may 2014

In April-May, 2014 passed advanced training courses for leading specialists of the company - Advanced Mud School in the Dubai Academy of professional development

10 March 2014

Inspection control of the introduced systems of ST  RK ISO 9001 (quality management system), ST  RK OHSAS 18001 (system of professional safety) confirmed that Omaс Integrated LLP conform to all requirements of these systems in relation to purchase/realization of chemical reagents and providing engineering services in boring solutions

5 March 2014

Education top management of our company in the specialty "Business Administration" program Master of Business Administration (MBA) in accordance with the curriculum of the Department of MBA.

1 January 2014

In 2014 years in our company 2 professional software products for calculations for hydraulics are introduced:

HydroPro   is a comprehensive drilling hydraulics program that covers all aspects of hydraulics;

SurgeMOD is developed to design and analyze the complex downhole hydraulics when running casing or making a trip.

03 november 2013

    In Aktobe Omac Integrated company conducted annual advanced training courses of the personnel - "Mud School 2013".

10 October 2013

In the Russian Federation opened the affiliated structure of JSC “Omac-Integrated”, address 460005, the Russian Federation, Orenburg, Shevchenko St., 193 is open.

1 October 2013


Omac Integrated is pleased to be exhibiting at KIOGE 2013, which is held from October, 1 to October, 4 in Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan. We are exhibiting at the pavilion # 10 of Expo-Center Atakent.

Omac Integrated will be showcasing our 10 years of accomplishment in drilling fluids supplies and engineering services.

16 June 2013

Resume of first 2013 half-year

  • 15.02.2013 Receiving of “”ISO 9001-2009 certificates “Quality management system” and OHSAS 18001-2008 “Systems of management of professional safety and health”
  • 2 quarter 2013 Development and deployment of innovative systems of Water Based Muds.
  • 08.05.2013 Receiving of “Systems of ecological management. Requirements and application guides” ISO 14001-2006 certificate
  • 11.06.2013 Our company reached 10 years old

26 December 2012

Resume of the 4th quarter 2012:

  • “Omac Integrated” LLP company became a part of Kazservice (The union of service companies of Kazakhstan)
  • Full rebranding of the company is made.
  • Passed annual professional development of Top management of the company in University of Gubkin (Moscow) by "Economy and an uspravleniye at the enterprises of oil and gas branch" specialization
  • Fully finished restructuring of company.

15 August 2012

The organization and participation in charitable golf tournament to collect fund for providing vital treatment to children of needy families