Omac Integrated LLP is a full service drilling, completion and Workover fluids provider for the oil and gas industry in the Caspian Region and Central Asia. Our Company was established in Kazakhstan in 2003. The central office is located in Aktobe, Sankibai batyr avenue 173/1, BC "Progress".
There are also subsidiaries in Russia ( "Omac Integrated" LTD) and Turkmenistan ("Omas Hazar" ES).

Inspection control of the introduced systems of:

ST RK ISO 9001-2009

«Quality management system»

ST RK ISO 14001-2006

«Systems of ecological management.
Requirements and application guides»

ST RK OHSAS 18001-2008

«Systems of management of the professional safety and health»


Health, Safety and Environment


«Omac Integrated» LLP is a fast growing and dynamic company. In purpose to maintain and improve the safety, health and environment, in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan laws and international regulations, in 2012, the company passed audit and implemented an integrated quality management system, that is: ISO9001; ISO14001; and OHSAS 18001.

Adherence with safety, health and environmental protection is the top priority of «Omac Integrated» LLP and is an essential priority in the provision of drilling fluids services. Top management pays great importance to the company's staff met all safety standards and worked in compliance with all requirements of industrial safety, health and environment. Providing quality service and accident-free operation is the goal of all our staff.

We believe that only through compliance with all safety requirements and cohesion of the whole team we will achieve higher results of our work and goals.

Policy «Omac Integrated» LLP
Quality, Ecology, Health & Safety


To assist with full service capabilities around Kazakhstan, Omac Integrated has established five warehouses near areas of intense activity. The central stock-point warehouse is located in Aktobe. Other warehouses are located in Aktau, Uralsk, Semei and Buzuluk (Russia).

Our commitment is to maintain in the country at all times a full stock of chemicals and additives, mud kits and lab trailers. Deliveries to locations within Kazakhstan can be accomplished in 3 - 7 days.



Outdoor warehouse – 3 000 м2
Indoor warehouse – 1 500 м2


Outdoor warehouse – 1 000 м2
Indoor warehouse – 800 м2


Outdoor warehouse – 800 м2
Indoor warehouse – 400 м2


Outdoor warehouse – 1 000 м2
Indoor warehouse –  700 м2


Indoor warehouse – 400 м2



Buzuluk, RF:
Outdoor warehouse – 3 000 м2
Indoor warehouse – 1 500 м2


Ufa, RF:
Outdoor warehouse – 2 000 м2
Indoor warehouse – 1 300 м2


Nizhnevartovsk, RF:
Outdoor warehouse – 2 000 м2
Indoor warehouse – 1 000 м2